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is a TCP dump file analysis tool. It reads as input a dump file (tcpdump, snoop, etherpeek, and HP netmetrix formats are understood) and returns detailed information about the TCP connections contained in the file. It can also produce graphs. Detailed information can be found on the tcptrace homepage.

ONE - the Ohio Network Emulator

is a tool for emulating a network between two interfaces on a single workstation. Allows various network features such as propagation delay, queueing, and bandwidth to be configured. More information is available on the ONE homepage.


is similar to the icmp echo/response program called "ping", except that udpping sends UDP datagrams to the UDP echo port and provides graphical/statistical feedback. Grab the source code here. Also available are binaries for Solaris 2.4 and SunOS4.1.x


is a nice Xwindows graphing package. It was written by Tim Shepard at MIT as part of his master's thesis. This software is required to see tcptrace plots. His latest version of the sources can be found at the official xplot website.

If you're lazy, there's a Sparc Solaris 8 binary of the tcptrace patched version sitting here , Intel Linux 2.4 one suitable for Red Hat 7.3 here , and Windows compiled binary here.


is a Java version of Tim Shepard's xplot, by Avinash Lakhiani. Visit the jPlot website or download jPlot.1.0.0beta.tar.gz, jPlot.1.0.0beta.zip.


is a version of BSD FTP which allows the use of multiple data connections to transfer a file. Grab the source code, NetBSD 1.1 binaries, or SunOS 4.1.3 binaries.


is a version of the BSD FTP client and server which supports the EPRT/EPSV FTP commands as outlined in our recent Internet-Draft (FTP Extensions for Variable Protocol Specification). Available as source code.


is a version of LBL's network simulator that supports TCP Vegas. Note: This is not the latest version of ns. Adding these extensions into the latest version of the simulator is a work in progress. Available as source code.

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